Loss Adjusting

Through OPERA SERVIZI S.r.l., a company of the GBSAPRI Group, we are able to provide customers with increasingly specific and effective tools in the field of claims management:

  • Loss adjustment services for passive Third Party Liability claims, addressed to public bodies and companies that are partially (so-called S.I.R.) or totally self-insured for third-party liability risks, as well as insurance companies wishing to outsource the management of civil liability claims to third parties.
  • Out-of-court settlement services for active claims, i.e. free of charge assistance services in  claims a Customer intends to pursue for the extrajudicial recovery of damages suffered as a result of a liability for third parties covered by a specific insurance guarantee.
  • Services of expert consultants for direct claims, i.e. services for the appointment of qualified experts for assistance and assessment of damages suffered by customers. This service too, through the activation of specific contractual clauses included in the policies, does not involve any financial burden on the client.