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About Us


We are the main insurance broker with 100% italian capital

We are a company with 100% Italian capital, leader in insurance brokerage and a strategic consultant for Risk Management, operating in the market since more than 70 years. The experience and know-how of our professionals make us a GLOBAL broker, the ideal consultant for risk management in every field and sector.

Our presence in the insurance market and our professionalism have allowed us to build a wide and diversified national and international network. This enables us to provide the best solutions in terms of coverage and economic conditions.

Our method is based on the evaluation of real and potential risks, as concrete and appropriate as possible in relation to all direct and indirect variables. Only with this premise, it is possible to assess, together with the Client, the possible actions to mitigate these risks and ensure their proper management by transferring them to the insurance market in the most suitable manner.


Our focus on clients and their specific contexts allows us to develop comprehensive, structured, and personalized protection and safeguarding programs. Generally, our extensive range of high-profile SERVICES does not involve any additional cost for our clients.


Whether it’s independent professionals, startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, associations, consortia, large companies, or public entities, our professionals are available to meet every need. In the ‘SECTORS AND SOLUTIONS’ section, you can find some insights related to the major markets in which we are involved.


We have developed several interesting programs and agreements dedicated to independent professionals, companies, industry associations, and more, united by similar needs related to risks and security. You can check the constantly updated ‘AGREEMENTS’ section for more information.


GBSAPRI S.p.A. is the leading company of a group of six companies:

focused on Companies and Public Entities

specialised in Marine, Cargo and Aviation sectors

Specialized in corporate and industrial sectors

Primarily dedicated to industries, financial institutions, and affinity groups.

Specialized in reinsurance brokerage and authorized to operate in the Republic of San Marino

Dedicated to risk management and claims management activities.