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NAME: Blue Traveller

MISSION: PROTECT THE tourism sector

MOTTO: ‘Get on trip!’

On August 1, 1948, Air France Flight 072 was flying over the Atlantic Ocean when it disappeared from radar along with all its passengers.

On August 9, the search for any survivors was called off. The incident led to the retirement of all Latécoère 631 aircraft then in service with the airline due to some anomalies that had no plausible explanations.

It was one of these anomalies that, in addition to causing the ‘disappearance’ of Flight 072, transformed one of the flight attendants into ‘Blue Traveller,’ the protector of the entire tourism sector.

Let's discover her superpowers together.

  • OMNILINGUISM: Blue Traveller, thanks to her bag, can understand any form of language.
  • TIME TRAVEL: The badge allows Blue Traveller to travel forward and backward in time.


Blue Traveller specializes in protecting the entire tourism sector

Blue Traveller's trailer

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