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Our Services

Strategic professional solutions.

Global Risk Management Specialists.

Every solution requires proper assessments and a comprehensive management of all circumstances and potential actions to be taken with the goals of protection and security in mind. At GBSAPRI, we are specialists in Risk Management in every INDUSTRY. For our specific consultancy, CONTACT US.

Risk Analysis

This phase encompasses Risk Management actions aimed at identifying, characterizing, qualifying, and monitoring potential and actual risks in terms of frequency and type. This analysis is crucial for deciding on strategies to be employed in active defense (prevention) and/or passive defense (insurance). The theoretical assessment must be complemented by practical actions, including:

  • Technical reconnaissance visits to relevant locations.
  • ‘Technical’ analysis of internal procedures in question.
  • Technical inspections to determine the overall level of active and passive protection.
  • Commercial visits for a better understanding and knowledge of each other’s realities.

Coverage Verification

We proceed to analyze in detail the individual insurance contracts that have already been concluded and are currently in force, producing a comprehensive and exhaustive report that will include:

  • Key policy information (insurance category, start date, end date, cancellation terms, co-insurance distribution, etc.).
  • Insured sums and maximums.
  • General insurance terms.
  • Additional and specific insurance terms.
  • Insurance limits and/or deductibles.
  • Exclusions.
  • Observations on deficiencies or the presence of positive warranty enhancements.
  • Annual premium and policy rate.

Customized Insurance programs

The phases of RISK ANALYSIS and COVERAGE VERIFICATION are aimed at optimizing protection, safeguarding, security, and economic conditions.

The goal of our consultancy and our profession is precisely to mitigate risks related to the sectors and needs of our Clients, enabling businesses operating in specific markets to pursue their business objectives under optimal conditions for protection, prevention, security, and awareness.

Since the peculiarities of each situation are manifold, the insurance products and programs developed with our consultancy are personalized and tailored to the actual needs of the clients.

Based on risk analysis and coverage verification results, our professionals will be able to identify:

  • Potential areas of uncovered risk (uninsured risks).
  • Potential areas of partially covered risk (risks insured only partially).
  • Comparison with any contractual deficiencies (missing or poorly formulated insurance clauses).
  • Suitability of insurance costs incurred so far in relation to the potentially provided benefits and the impact of the benefits enjoyed.
  • Suggestions for improving the level of active and passive protection for loss prevention and related costs.

As often happens, professional sectors or similar companies may share some areas of risk and, therefore, may have similar coverage needs. Hence, our specialists study and establish numerous AGREEMENTS.

Technical and managerial assistance

Our consultancy continues to be attentive and precise even after the implementation of insurance programs and solutions.

Our specialists remain alongside the Client in all subsequent phases with continuous assistance in risk management, prevention actions, security matters, contracts, compliance, market surveillance, and regulatory monitoring and updates.

Claims Management and loss adjusting

Our team specializing in claims management provides highly qualified assistance. The procedures adopted by our experts aim to achieve a satisfactory settlement of claims by insurance companies as quickly as possible.

The claims management service includes:

  • Analysis of events/claims in relation to the policies taken out and the regulations applicable to existing contracts.
  • Preparation of a periodic report on the progress of claims, including information on settled claims, reserved claims, and claims declared without follow-up, accompanied by technical assessments and improvement proposals submitted to the Client’s technical structures.

In collaboration with OPERA SERVIZI Srl, a group company specialized in loss adjusting activities, we are a reference point in the management of active and passive claims across all lines of risk.

In this regard, our support for clients includes the following services:

  • Direct management of self-insurance claims – from the initial notification of a loss event to the case resolution for public and private entities that have opted for risk retention.
  • Management of active claims – within the scope of the mandate given by the client, we carry out all out-of-court activities aimed at securing compensation from insurance companies for damages suffered by their clients due to third-party liability.
  • Appraisal activities on behalf of the insured – at the client’s request, we directly handle the role of “Appraiser appointed by the Insured” through the use of the specific “Expenses of Appraisers” – “Appraisers’ Fees” clause.

technical training

Training and continuous education play a fundamental role in our organization. In addition to ensuring this aspect for our staff, we offer our clients tools and courses in e-learning, webinars, or in-person formats.

Some of these events are organized by our institution or in collaboration with our clients or partners through the GBSAPERE project, while others are provided by the “l’Officina del Sapere” school, created by ACB – the Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers – with which we have signed specific training agreements.

Many GBSAPERE projects are aimed at professionals from various sectors and, for doctors and healthcare professionals, they also include ECM accreditation.

The aim is to build and develop specialized skills, along with organizational and interpersonal abilities, with the goal of getting to know oneself, one’s own aptitudes, and at the same time, improving one’s professional ‘culture.’ Furthermore, we aim to create and develop a communication approach aimed at better and more effective client service, supported by high-level expertise and experience.

Welfare e Benefit

Our professionals support clients through the development of Employee Benefits and Pension/Assistance plans, in compliance with regulations and tax provisions, to meet the needs and expectations of employees and labor organizations. We also design and implement corporate Welfare programs based on specific Flexible Benefits requirements.

Through the Assistance Fund (in accordance with the D.M. Sacconi on tax savings provided for in Article 51, paragraph 2 of the T.U.I.R.), it is possible to protect the interests of both the company and the employees.

Depending on the needs, all programs can cover:

  • Medical expense reimbursements.
  • Life insurance, accidents, and illnesses.
  • Long-term care.
  • Critical illness.

Supporting Communication

GBSAPRITALK, an independent journalistic publication, is open to everyone and rich in interviews, news, and interesting content on general topics. All clients can send materials, press releases, or ideas to the email address The editorial team is ready to evaluate and promote ideas and projects.

The COMMUNICATION SUPPORT service operates for the benefit of all clients who wish to use it. Recent global events have highlighted the fundamental role of communication, so we have created an in-house team capable of offering the following services:

  • Organization of webinars and online and/or in-person events.
  • Press and marketing office that can assist you in carrying out social or traditional campaigns.
  • Creation of articles, editorials, press releases, and audio-video and graphic products.


Our team specialized in the management of Public Entities and Public Administration offers a range of dedicated services:

  • Drafting of special tender specifications for conducting public tenders.
  • Assistance in the tender procedures, supporting the client during the preliminary phases, the execution phases, and those following the tender itself.
  • Administrative and technical contract management assistance and claims management.
  • Monitoring, information, and sector-specific regulatory advice.
  • Preparation of the annual summary.

These, along with the other services described so far:

  • Risk analysis.
  • Coverage verification.
  • Customized insurance programs.
  • Technical and managerial assistance.
  • Claims management.
  • Technical training.
  • Welfare and Benefits.
  • Communication support.

These services are conducted in continuous dialogue with the relevant administrations and confirm us as strategic consultants for the entire public sector.