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NAME: Active Law

MISSION: Protecting Compliance

MOTTO: “Stay on track!”

On July 10, 1976, at the ICMESA company in Meda, the control system of a chemical reactor malfunctioned, causing the release and dispersion of a cloud of TCDD dioxin, one of the most toxic artificial substances.

The poison affected many lands and municipalities in the lowlands of Brianza, especially in Seveso.

Silvia, a young local lawyer, was exposed to a quantity of dioxin that could have been fatal, but instead, it made her immortal and extremely sharp, enabling her to win the legal battle against the chemical industry.

Active Law was born: the heroine of compliance, ethical business, and proper practices.

Let's discover her superpowers together.

  • REACTIVE ADAPTATION: Thanks to her cape, Active Law can promptly respond to anything that threatens compliance, ethics, and regulations.
  • DIMENSIONAL ARCHIVING: The hammer allows her to store cases, occurrences, and recurrences, saving them in other dimensions of space and time.


Active Law specializes in safeguarding and regulating ethical business and maintaining compliance. Among other things, she deals with legal protection and all aspects of risks related to regulations.

Active Law's trailer

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