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Communication & Technology

Companies operating in the field of information technology, media, and communications require flexible and personalized insurance programs. The digital transition is radically changing the risk landscape, and businesses need to update their insurance programs to cope with the impact of this new scenario.

A comprehensive analysis of activities and new business management and implementation methods is essential to create optimal insurance solutions that aim to maximize the price-quality ratio.

Among the main areas of analyzable risk, we include:

  • Civil liability at various levels
  • Cybersecurity and data protection
  • Corporate reputation in crisis management
  • Employee benefit programs
  • Protection of movable and immovable assets essential to the core business
  • Liability and the resulting civil and criminal cases in which company managers and directors could be involved

Our team of professionals continually studies and monitors the insurance market to provide clients with customized insurance programs suitable for protecting and safeguarding the business objectives of companies in these sectors. Additionally, we conduct specific risk assessment analyses to allow clients to evaluate whether it is possible to retain risk within their insurance programs, which can lead to a reduction in insurance costs.

For over 70 years, we at GBSAPRI have been alongside our clients with specific consulting services and customized risk management programs that involve careful assessments regarding risk prevention and mitigation before they are transferred to the insurance market. A dedicated team of specialists closely and professionally guides clients through all phases, assisting them in the process of selection and protection. GBSAPRI’s consulting covers all stages of this process:
  1. Risk analysis
  2. Coverage verification
  3. Development of customized insurance programs – among these, we have activated numerous agreements that may also pertain to your sector.
  4. Technical and managerial support
  5. Claims management and loss adjusting
  6. Technical training
  7. Corporate welfare and benefits programs
  8. Communication support services
  9. Specific services for public administration and government entities
Our organization places great emphasis on quality. To maintain trust (both internally and externally), efficiency, effectiveness, and adherence to ethical principles such as fairness, confidentiality, transparency, environmental protection, and safety, GBSAPRI has a dedicated structure for quality control of the services offered. This includes a focus on the procedures used in managing insurance programs and related claims, as well as the evaluation of the efficiency and stability of the insurance markets used. In compliance with current regulations, GBSAPRI is certified:
  1. UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.
  2. ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System.
  3. OHSAS 18001:2007 Health and Safety at Work.
  4. Organizational Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, and it also operates in accordance with Legislative Decree 196/2003, the “Privacy Law.”
  5. Legality rating issued by the A.G.C.M. (Competition and Market Authority) with a ★★★ 3-star rating.

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