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NAME: Cyber Simon

MISSION: Protect the world from cyberattacks

MOTTO: “See you soon!”

On February 7, 2000, the world had just miraculously survived the dreaded ‘Millennium Bug.’

A very young hacker was preparing to bring one of the web giants to its knees with a ‘riot – ddos’ attack.

While panic spread throughout Yahoo’s divisions, our Simon, a programmer recently hired as an intern, rushed into the server room and, after breaking down the door, ripped out the cables to contain the disaster. It was then that he was hit by a devastating data storm that turned him into Cyber Simon.

After contributing to the capture of ‘mafia boy,’ Cyber Simon vowed to defend the world from cyberattacks.

Let's discover her superpowers together.

  • CYBERPATHY: The data storm that hit him allowed Simon to acquire the ability to mentally interact with computers.
  • CYBER PROTECTION: By pressing the lock on his belt, Simon can activate a protective cyber shield.
  • NAVIGATING CYBERSPACE: Wearing his cape, Simon can move freely in cyberspace.


Cyber Simon – or Cybs for friends – specializes in the prevention, protection, and management of all risks related to cybersecurity.

Simons's trailer

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