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NAME: Captain Loss

MISSION: Protect losses and safeguard compensations

MOTTO: “Pick and Go!'”

On the morning of October 13, 1972, the rugby team of the Old Christians club was on Flight 571 of the Uruguayan Air Force, which, due to a series of events, crashed into the Andes.

The captain, who survived the well-known fate that befell other passengers, died following the avalanche that hit the plane on October 29. However, the energy released on that occasion reincarnated the captain into our ‘Captain Loss,’ with the aim of clarifying what happened.

Since then, his purpose has been to ensure that no loss is in vain, that investigations are always thorough, that compensations are adequate, and that justice is served in every case.

Let's discover her superpowers together.

  • INVULNERABILITY: Thanks to his shield, Captain Loss is invulnerable, immune to all physical and mental harm.
  • OMNIPRESENCE: His shoes grant him the ability to be everywhere at the same time.
  • RETROCOGNITION: The helmet allows Captain Loss to visually perceive events and realities from the past


Captain Loss specializes in situations where losses and damages occur, and he also takes care of safeguarding the corresponding compensations by overseeing the correctness of all delicate phases.

Capitan Loss's trailer

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